Information on WordPress

Hi Alan,

I have created this wordpress site using the Businessly theme by choosing Appearance – Themes. It let me put a sidebar and a footer to the website. I tried other themes but they didn’t look right.

For SEO I looked in plugins for SEO and found one called Yoast SEO that had lots of options for keywords and a preview of what Google sees. It recommended I change the url to include a post name, which I have done. It also gave me options to push the website to Google which also would help if this website was real.

I have also gone into the gallery and have updated the titles, descriptions and alternative texts as I read this would also help.

The keywords for our content are things such as “Purple Flag”, “international award”, “Sligo” and I have included content that references these things and is also of interest to people searching for it. I have also added these as tags for new posts.

I have also installed a social media plugin to encourage sharing of the website to increase it’s Google ranking. It has also added a pop-up to my website when you scroll to the bottom asking to subscribe to a newsletter (if we had one).

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